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We at Deal4Parking are working as a third party and help you to attain the best deals from a number of service providers. We are providing a platform for both customers and vendors so that they can deal and get benefitted from each other.

How does this Service work?

Once you have opted for our parking deals, you are instructed to simply drive through the terminal, meet the driver sent from your reserved parking provider and hand over the car keys to him. You can head to the check-in terminal within minutes of your arrival at the airport, while the driver parks your car in the safe and secure parking compound. Once you return, inform your parking operator and follow the instructions regarding meet up point and car collection.

Will my car be safe in the parking compound?

Your vehicle is parked by your reserved parking service provider. Get yourself acquainted with all the details related to the parking compounds, storage capacity and security features on the parking provider information page. Those car parks that have been awarded “Park Mark” are considered to be safer as compared to the others. These parks are awarded with this mark once the police have vetted them, indicating that the compound is safer and all security measure have been taken by the parking amenity. Due to overcrowding, sometimes your car is moved. All the cars parked are at insured risk of the owners.

Are the parking amenities insured?

All our parking operators are fully insured for road risks.

How can I cancel my reservation?

To proceed with a reservation cancellation, contact us via (use only this option for cancellation)

Except a few non-flexible and non-refundable offers, you can cancel your reservation 48 hours ahead of your drop off date. Please note that for the cancellation an administration fee of £15 will be incurred.

If you cancel a booking within 48 hours for your drop off date, then no refund will be given to you. A service will be deemed to start at midnight on the day ahead of the beginning of the reserved parking service.

What to do if my flight delays?

When your returning flight delays, keep your parking service provider updated with the latest situation so that you can get a “grace” period so that no extra charges are being incurred by you due to extra parking period. After that period, you might have to pay per day extra charges depending upon the parking stay along with any returning fee if the services have extended outside the normal operating hours of the parking operator. If you are not able to inform the parking operator regarding the delay in the flight, you may have to pay an additional £ 15 charge in the name of administrative fees and labour costs.

What to do when I am running late or reaching early?

Whether you are arriving late or reaching earlier, inform the company so that they can make sure that the chauffeur meets you and collect the car once you arrive. If you have not called in advance to let the parking operator know about your arrival, you might have to pay additional charges!

How can I change my reservation details and dates?

Click “My Booking” page and simply follow the instructions there to proceed with any changes such as car details, time and date. You can go for these changes free of cost. But if you are required to change your reservation info, then you have to call customer services and ask them for their assistance to make changes.

If you are making any amendments in the reservation within 48 hours, you will be incurring an administration fee of £15 for every change without any price difference. You must go for the amendments via email to customer service at your earliest. If the reservation is cancelled at the later stages, these charges will not be refunded. It is essential that all changes are directed through Deals4parking only, in order to be validated.

If you intend to amend any changes in the pick or drop dates or time, you need to deal with it directly with the parking operator.

Any non-refundable reservations made for the savers or non-flexible parking offers will not be accepted for any changing in the dates.

Why haven’t I received my parking confirmation email?

Once the reservation process is completed, the automated email confirming your booking is sent instantly. If you haven’t received the email, check your spam/junk folder and if still, you are not able to find it, then you can contact us and we will resend it.

You can have a look, make changes and resend the booking confirmation and instruction details via “My Booking” section of our website.

How far my car will be driven?

This entirely depends upon how far your reserved compound is situated. Most of the times, the lot is within a radius of 5-8 miles. When overcrowded, the parking provider might need to move your car from one compound to another due to some operational or security reasons.

How to receive a VAT receipt?

According to the HMRC Receipt Guideline, only the principal operator that manages your parking will issue the full VAT receipt. Once you make a request, we can get a receipt from the relevant parking service provider to send you. Please forward your request via email at and we will ask the parking operator to provide the VAT receipt on your behalf. We at Deal4Parking are acting as an agent and hence are not authorized to issue you a VAT invoice. Only GrossParking Payment is displayed by us.

How can I file a complaint?

We are aiming to provide the best and quality services to our customers. Once we receive any complaint from our customers, we deal with it seriously. If you have any complaint regarding the parking service, behavior, or any issue please feel free to contact us via email at


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