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    1. This is the privacy notice of deals4parking, In this document, the term "we", 'our", or "us" refer to deals4parking. It's our utmost priority to provide protection to your private information. This statement clearly applies to deals4parking and controls the usage and data collection. This policy has been developed to help you understand how we gather, communicate and make use for the personal information. Below outlines our privacy policy:
    2. While accessing the deals4parking website, we will get to know certain information regarding you during your visit.
    3. Like any other commercial website, our website makes use of the standard technology called 'cookies' (you can find the explanation below and access our cookies policy page for further information). Servers logs to collect certain information regarding the use of the site. The information gathered by the cookies and servers might include the date and time of the visits, the duration of your stay at our website, and the website you accessed before and after ours. Your IP address information is also collected.

    1. This is to notify you about deals4parking policy that we are recording all your information. It starts the condition under which we might process the information collected from you. You that you provide us. It includes the information that helps you to identify (personal information) and information that couldn't. The word "process" refers to the collection, storage, transfer, use or act upon the provided information.
    2. We are sorry to let you know that if you disagree with one or more points below, you can leave our website instantly.
    3. We seriously consider the protection of your privacy and confidentiality. We fully understand that all visitors to our website need a guarantee that their personal data will never be used for any purpose without their consent and will not be forwarded to any third party.
    4. deals4parking make sure to preserve the confidentiality of all the information you have shared with us with a hope of reciprocation from your end.
    5. Our privacy policy is in accordance with the English Law, including the requirement of EU General DATA Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    6. The law asks us to let you know about your rights and our obligations to you regarding the processing and control of your personal information.
    7. Except for the below, we never share, sell or disclose any information collected from our website to any third party.

    1. deals4parking might collect your personal information that is identifiable. Once you have signed up on our site as a member of deals4parking.
    2. Name
    3. Email
    4. Contact Number
    5. Flight Details
    6. Vehicle Details
    7. deals4parking might collect anonymous demographic information, that is not unique to you.
    8. We might collect any personal or non-personal information for the future We recommend you to go through the privacy statements of the websites you have selected to link to from deals4parking so that you have an idea which website is collecting, using and sharing your personal information.
    9. We never take any responsibility regarding the privacy statements or other content on websites outside of deals4parking website
  4. Which Information is Collected by Us and Why?

    1. We might gather information from you directly as well as automatically while you use our services or website. Sometimes we collect your personal information as an individual.
    2. Information that is collected directly includes: A registration is required for certain areas and features of our site and services. To book our services, you need to provide your first name, surname and email. We might collect this information from you directly through our third-party integrators.
    3. Information that is collected automatically includes: Following information is automatically collected about you regarding the use of our site through Google Analytics including the duration of your visit to our site and your activity there.
  5. IP Addresses

    1. Your computer uses IP address every time you are connected through the internet. Computers on the network use the IP address (a number) to identify your computer. As a part of demographic and profile data known as "traffic data," your IP addresses are automatically gathered by our web server, so that data can be sent to you when requested.
  6. Email Policies

    1. We keep your email confidential and never disclose it. We make sure that our subscription list I not sold, rented or leased to any third party and guarantee our users that their personal details will not be shared to any person, government agency or an amenity unless we have to do so according to law. Your email address will be used only to provide you any timely information when required.
    2. We might also send you emails including our newsletter if you give your consent. However, you can unsubscribe easily from this.
    3. We will be sending you emails containing our newsletter only with your consent. You can unsubscribe easily when you want.
    4. In accordance with the applicable federal law, we will try our best to maintain information sent by you via email.
  7. We Do Not Sell, Lease or Rent Customer Lists to Any Third Party

    1. At regular intervals, deals4parking might contact you on behalf of its business partners to let you know about certain offers that might sound interesting to you. In such cases, your personal unique and identifiable information (name, email address, contact number) is shared with the third party.
    2. deals4parking make sure that data is shared with the trusted and authenticated partners only, to provide assistance in performing any statistical analysis, send your email or address, provide customer support and arranging the delivery of the services. All such third parties are being refrained from using your personal details except providing services to deals4parking, and they are bound to maintain the privacy of your information.
    3. deals4parking can disclose your personal information without notifying you when it will be required by law or when it is considered that this action is absolutely essential: (a) Comply with the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on deals4parking or the site; (b) must protect and defend the rights of deals4parking; and, (C) Act under the circumstances to ensure the personal safety of the public or users of deals4parking.
  8. When We Process Information About You?

    1. According to the law, we need to determine under which of six bases we process the different categories regarding your personal information and to keep you updated with the basis of each category.
    2. If the base on which your personal information was processed, becomes irrelevant, then we will make sure that your data processing is stopped immediately. We will notify you about any change in the base is required by the law and once the change has been made, we will determine once again whether we should continue your processing or not.
  9. Compliance with Can-Spam

    1. All emails that are being sent from our organization will clearly mention who is the sender of the email and provide all details to contact the sender. Additionally, concise information is sent through all email messages and provide all the details if you are intended to remove yourself from our mailing list so that no further email communication is made from our end.
  10. EU GDPR Compliance Data

    1. We at deals4parking greatly respect and value your privacy. We as a consumer understand our responsibility to build a company that, make sure to protect the privacy of its customers. Our services are clearly designed to ensure the protection of our customer's privacy and personal data.
    2. deals4parking is considered as a "data processor" and the guidelines are followed from GDPR. Our customers are considered as the "data controllers. Additional privacy or consent gathering requirements are done to protect the privacy of our consumers.
  11. A Contractual Obligation With You to Process Your Information

    1. While using the deals4parking website, you agree to the terms and conditions of our company, hence forming a contract between you and us.
    2. We must process your personal information to carry out our obligations under the contract. Some of this information might be very personal.
    3. We might use this information to:
    4. To verify your identity for security purposes
    5. To sell products to you
    6. Keep you updated with our services and latest offers
    7. Send you any advice, recommendation or suggestions regarding particular services and guiding you on how to extract maximum benefits by using our website.
    8. We process your information as you have a contract with us or that you have requested to use the information before we proceed with the legal contract.
    9. In addition, we might aggregate your provided information in a general way and avail it to provide class information, like to keep a track of our performance with respect to certain services. While using it for this purpose, your personal information will not be identifiable.
    10. deals4parking will continue the processing of this information until the contract between us, is terminated by either party under certain terms of the contract.
  12. Processing of the Information with Your Consent

    1. When there is no contractual relationship between us, through certain actions, you need to have a look our website or ask us to provide a piece of detailed information about our business, along with our services and products. Your information is processed only once you are happy to share it with us.
    2. When possible, we focus to get your approval before processing the information, i.e., by asking if you are ok with our use of cookies.
    3. It happens sometimes that you give your consent implicitly, like when you send us any message via email and reasonably expect us to reply to your query.
    4. Except for the specific purpose where you have shown your consent to process your information, we do not use your information anyway that would make you personally identifiable. deals4parking might aggregate it generally and use it for the provision of class information, like monitoring the performance of the specific page on our website. If you have provided us permission to do so, we may pass your name and contact information from time to time to our chosen associated that we consider might be useful for you regarding certain services or products.
    5. deals4parking will continue the processing your information until you withdraw your consent. If you do so, then you might not be able to use our website and avail our services.
  13. Processing of Information for Legitimate Interests

    1. deals4parking might process information when it has a legitimate interest, either to you or both of us in doing so.
    2. While processing information, we give careful consideration to:
    3. If the same objective can be gained through other means
    4. If certain processing (or not) may provide you any kind of harm
    5. Whether you are expecting us to process your personal information and whether you are reasonably considered it ok to do so.
  14. We might process your data for the purposes below:

    1. Keeping a proper and essential administration of our business to maintain the record
    2. Any response to unsolicited communication from you, about which you are expecting a response
    3. Protection and assortment of the legal rights of any party.
    4. Obtaining Seeking a piece of profession advice that is needed for the management of business risk
    5. We do protect your interests where we consider that it's our duty to do so
  15. Legal Obligation Under GDPR Compliance

    1. deals4parking make sure to follow the law like every good and authenticated company. Sometimes, we have to process your personal information to comply with a statutory obligation like we might be asked by the legal authorities to provide your information or in a case when they have a court order or search warrant to do so.
    2. The processed information might include your personal information
    3. We might go for the Specific utilization of the information provided by you
    4. This Information is Not Specifically Used Except Only Allow it to be Shared or Displayed:
    5. We do store your information and reserve all rights to use it in the future according to our priority or preference
    6. Once your information has been entered into the public domain, we absolutely have no control over how the third party is going to utilize it individually. deals4parking takes no responsibility for their actions at the later stage.
    7. Once you request to delete, then we don't have any legal right to retain your personal information. We will delete all of your information, once request to delete it has been made from your end. Contact us via email to process such request.
  16. How Your Information is Used by Us

    1. We might share your personal information in these ways:
    2. We may disclose your information to our subsidiaries or affiliates, But keep in mind that the usage and disclosure of such information is subject to the policy
    3. We might disclose your information to the third-party vendors, service providers, contractors, or the agent who is authorized to function on our behalf.
    4. If a company acquires us or we merge with another company, or all of our assets get transferred to another company, we can transfer your information to the other company.
    5. To comply with the law, a judicial proceeding, any court orders or other legal processes we might disclose your information
    6. When we believe that it is absolutely necessary to disclose your information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action against any illegal activities, any fraud suspicion, a situation where is a potential threat to the life of a person, any potential violation of our terms and condition, we might share your personal information.
    7. Any Complaint Regarding the Content of Our Website
    8. We will investigate thoroughly if you have any complaint regarding the content of our website.
    9. If we consider the complaint to be justified or feel that law also asks us to do so, we will remove the content after investigation. Freedom of speech is the fundamental right and hence we have to analyze while rights are being obstructed, yours or the person who has posted the contents have offended you.
    10. If we take your complaint baseless or vexatious, we might not correspond to you regarding it.
    11. Un-Subscription or Opting-Out
    12. deals4parking provides an opportunity to the users that if they are not interested to keep any communication from us and our partners via email, they can simply go through the instruction to unsubscribe email located at the bottom. If any user wants to unsubscribe at any stage after subscribing, he can simply unsubscribe link in the email to opt-out of the newsletter or promotional email from us.
    13. Your privacy is respected by us and we have always given an opportunity to opt-out any time of receiving any announcements and offers from us. You can contact us at our web page: or email: if you are looking to stop receiving all communication from deals4parking.
  17. Contacting Our Support Team:

    1. When you communicate with us via phone, website or by email, we gather your data so that we can respond you with your required information. deals4parking keep a track of your request and our response to ensure an increase in the efficiency and quality of our services.
    2. We make sure that none of your identifiable information associated with your message, is kept with us.
  18. Storage:

    1. We do not store any such content in our system that can potentially identify an individual. We have a well-developed platform to aggregate and analyze the data collected in real-time, while no biometric is saved. This service is provided by deals4parking to all its customers and partners in all countries across the world.
  19. Property Rights

    1. All copyrights, trademarks, and the whole content and software situated on deals4parking website is the sole property of or its licensors. Without the express written consent, the usage of our trademark, content and intellectual property is strictly forbidden.
  20. You must not:

    1. Without prior written consent, do not republish any material from our website
    2. Sell or rent any material or product from our website
    3. Reproduce, duplicate, copy or exploit our website material for any purpose
    4. Redistribute any content from our website or including any other site.
  21. Application:

    1. The data that is collected and analyzed is used for a number of applications like to calculate the audience and aggregated insights.
  22. Complaining

    1. After receiving a complaint from you, we keep a record of the entire information that you have provided us
  23. That information is used to issue your complaint

    1. If the complaint from you requires us to get in touch with any other individual, it's up to us if we need the feel to share some of the information contained in your complaint. We try to avoid it as much as possible, but in actuality, it is a matter for our sole discretion as, whether we will be sharing specific information or not, and if we go ahead with it, then to which extent that info can be shared.
    2. deals4parking might also compile the statistical information from this source to assess the standard if the services provided by us, but no way in a way that might leak the identity of you or any other person.

    1. The anonymous data is collected and analyzed by us. We neither can nor try to identify the individual at any time or for any reason.
  25. Acceptable Usage

    1. Our website can be used for lawful purposes only and you must make sure that you should use it in a way that does not infringe the rights of, restrict anyone else from accessing it. Harassment, offensive behavior, or inconvenience for other users, the transmission of obscene or offensive content are all tagged under the prohibited behavior.
    2. We never allow anyone to use our website for sending unsolicited commercial communications or use the content of our website for any sort of marketing related purpose unless they have expressed written consent.
  26. Access Restriction

    1. We might feel a need to restrict access to some (or all) parts of our website, and holds the full rights to do so. At any point, if you have been provided with a username and password to access restricted areas of our site, you must keep your username and password confidential.
  27. GDPR Compliance Cookies Policy

    1. Cookies are used by deals4parking. These are placed by the software, operating on our servers, and by the software that is being operated through third parties used by us.
    2. When a user visits our website for the first time, we ask his consent if he allows us to use cookies. If you have not accepted it, we will not be using them during your visit except to record that you have not allowed us to use them for any purpose.
    3. You might not be able to access our website completely if you have not chosen to use cookies or you have prevented their usage through the setting of your internet browser.
    4. The cookies are used by us in the following ways:
    5. To track your usage of our website
    6. To keep a record if you have seen certain messages that have been displayed on our site
    7. Keep you logged into our site
    8. To have a record of your answers to certain questionnaires and survey on our site
    9. To keep a record of the conversation thread that you have done with our support team in a chat session
  28. Why the Cookies are Used on Our Website?

    1. Cookies are the information pieces that are transferred from the website to the hard drive of an individual computer for certain record-keeping purposes. Cookies make the using of our site for you a lot easier, by saving passwords and preferences for you. These cookies can be used on our site only and never share any sort of personal information to any other party.
    2. Most of the browsers accept the cookies initially. However, you can reset your browser so that it deny all cookies or to notify you when a cookie is being sent. If you have chosen to disable your cookies setting or have refused to accept the cookie, some parts of the website might not function properly or noticeably slower.
  29. The cookies are used by deals4parking in the following ways:

    1. To track your usage of our website
    2. To keep a record if you have seen certain messages that have been displayed on our site Keep you logged into our site
    3. To have a record of your answers to certain questionnaires and survey on our site
    4. To keep a record of the conversation thread that you have done with our support team in a chat session
    5. Individual Identification from Your Browsing Activity
    6. deals4parking might collect information about your computer hardware and software automatically. The information that is collected includes your IP address, type of browser, name of the domain, time of accessing the website, and the address of the referring website. This information is collected to operate the services, to maintain the standard and level of services, and to provide statistics regarding the use of deals4parking.
    7. Requests done from your web browser to our servers for the content and web pages on our site are recorded.
    8. deals4parking records information like your geographical location, your IP address and ISP (Internet Service Provider). A record of the software being used by you to browse our website is also maintained, like the computer or device type and the screen resolution.
    9. This information is used by deals4parking to assess the popularity of the web pages on our website and performance in providing the content to you.
    10. If the information gathered fro your previous visits is combined with other information, the data can possibly used to identify you individually, even if you are not logged into our website.
  30. Sharing or Disclosure of Your Information

    1. Although we make sure that your personal information is not disclosed to any third party. Sometimes, we receive data, indirectly made up from the personal information from the third party whom services are being used by us.
  31. Personal Infomration Usage

    1. deals4parking gathers and use your information for the operation of its website and deliver the services in return according to your request.
    2. deals4parking use your personal information to keep you updated with any new offers, products or services available with deals4parking and its affiliates. deals4parking might also get in touch with your through survey to carry out research and your feedback regarding certain services or any new offers.
    3. How deals4parking Use Your Information
  32. Your information is used by deals4parking to:

    1. Help us to identify you and the purchase account.
    2. To keep you updated with the new services and/or events that we might feel, can be of your interest
    3. Help us to make an evaluation of our services and to identify which improvement and development is needed from our end to enhance the standard of our services.
    4. Keep you updated with any changes to our website and services
    5. To modify your experience
    6. To resolve any disputes and troubleshoot issues
    7. To discover and protect against any fraudulent activity, error and other disreputable activities.
  33. Any Third Party Links on Our Site

    1. While having third party links on our website, other companies or agents might use such technologies automatically to collect any information about you, when their advertisement is being displayed on our site.
    2. The third parties might also use other technologies, including the cookies or Javascript in order to personalize the content and assess their adverts performance.
    3. deals4parking have no control over the technologies or data being used by these third parties. Try to go through their privacy policy carefully.
  34. Use of Tracking Mechanism

    1. We along with our third party service providers avail the tracking mechanism to track any information about the use of our services or websites. We might combine this information along with the information collected from you on our website (Our third party service provider is also authorized to do so on our behalf)
  35. Third Part Analytics

    1. We make use of the automated devices and applications like Google Analytics to make an evaluation of our site usage and services. Google analytic is also used to evaluate our services. These tools actually help us to bring an improvement in our services, performances and enhance the user experience.
    2. Data Processing Outside the European Union
    3. deals4parking might outsource its services in the countries that are not the part of European Union from time to time
    4. Any data that is obtained within the UK or any other country's law can be processed outside the Eurpean Union.
    5. The below safeguards are being used when data is being transferred outside the European Union:
    6. The processor is the part of the same corporate group as our company or business and are abiding by the same binding corporate rules
    7. In our contracts the data protection clauses include the clauses that are written or approved by a Eurpean Union supervisory authority.
    8. deals4parking acts in accordance with a certain code of conduct that is approved by a European Union supervisory authority.
    9. We have gained certification under an approved certification mechanism similar to what have been provided for in the GDPR
    10. The company along with the processor are public authorities and both of them have a legally binding agreement that are approved by the European Union supervisory authority to ensure the protection of your information.
  36. Your Information Removal

    1. If you are looking to remove your personal identifiable information from deals4parking, please feel free to contact us by sending an email at or can call us at our numbers. However, this limitation might limitize the services that we can provide you.
  37. Your Information Verification

    1. Once we have received an access request, edit or delete your indentifiable information, then we will follow reasonable steps required to verify your identity before giving you an access or to take further action. This action is really important to ensure the safety of your information.
  38. Data Encryption

    1. deals4parking has secured Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, so that our identity can be verified with your browser and data provided by you can be encrypted.
    2. While the information is transferred between us, you can have a look through SSL for a closed padlock symbol or other trust mark in your browser URL bar or toolbar.
  39. How a User can Complain?

    1. In case of any complaint reading our privacy policy or anything else, inform us via email. Our email address id
    2. In case a dispute or certain issue is not settled, we hope that you will agree to an effort to sort it out and engage in the process of mediation or arbitration with a positive approach.
    3. If you are not satisfied with our way of processing your information then you have all the rights to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office.
  40. How Long the Personal Data is Retained

    1. deals4parking retains your personal info as long as it is required by us:
    2. To provide you with your requested services
    3. In compliance with other law, including the period that is demanded by our tax authorities
    4. In support of claim or as a defense in the court
  41. Limitation of the Liability

    1. deals4parking in no way represents, warrants or assurance to the accuracy and completeness of the content published on this website or any site associated with it. All the content on this site is being provided "As IS' without any warranty, to express or imply it, warranties and merchantability is included, without any enforcement of an intellectual property or fitness for a specific purpose. In no event its against or associates will be liable for the loss or business disruptions, information loss, injury or death as a result of the use of such materials even the possibility of such loss or damage has been advised.
  42. Your Personal Information Security

    1. Email is never regarded as a secure medium for communication. Hence, we strongly recommend you to not send any personal information to us via email, although it is allowed, but you can send it at your own risk, Some of the information added by you on our website might be transmitted securely via Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a secure medium. Never opt to transmit your credit card information and other sensitive information by email.
    2. In order to create summary statistics deals4parking use different software programs, so that the number of visitors to different parts of our website can be assessed, the information that is of most and least interest to the visitors, determination of technical design specification and the identification of the performance of the system and the problematic areas.
    3. To ensure the site security so that the services can be made available for all types of users, we use softwares that monitor the network traffic so that any unauthorized attempts to upload or change the information or any try to cause a damage, can be identified
    4. All your personal information is secured from any unauthorized access, use or disclosure. deals4parking use the following process to ensure it:
    5. While transmitting the personal information (like credit card number) to another website. We use encryption to protect it, such as the SSL protocol. (Secure Socket Layer) Protocol
    6. A number of reasonable security protocols have been deployed by deals4parking to ensure the protection of our services and products so that these might not be tempered or hacked by any third party. Our connections are encrypted through the same technologies that are being used by the banks to protect our information.
  43. In Compliance with Law

    1. We have complied privacy policy that is in compliance with the UK and every country legal jurisdiction with an aim to do business with all regions including European Union under the GDPR compliance. If you feel that it is not in compliance with the law of your jurisdiction, would definitely welcome your thoughts and concerns. However, ultimately, it is entirely your choice to use our website or not.
  44. Modification or Review of the Privacy Policy

    1. This policy is current and effective from the date set forth above. However, deals4parking might update this privacy notice from time to time when required or essential depending upon the circumstances. The terms that are posted here are applied to you on the day when you are accessing our website. We recommend you to take a print for your future records. In case of any queries regarding our privacy, please feel free to contact us via email or call (the numbers are provided)
  45. Contact Information

    Falcon Parking LTD - Company Registration No. 11631606 Tel: 02033368177 Email: