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Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction

    1. deals4parking offers the parking services as a reservation agent, hence all liabilities regarding the vehicles parking lie with the parking service operator selected by the customer at the reservation time.
    2. deals4parking attempts to bring a smooth and convenient airport parking experience for the passengers. To avoid any misunderstandings, all important things have been outlined that you must be familiar with related to our parking services and operations before booking it.
    3. In case of any reservation with a particular parking amenity, it is considered that the customer has accepted and fully agreed to the terms and conditions of both deals4parking and the parking service provider. The terms and conditions have been carefully constructed to keep the rates as low as possible and within the pre-determined limit. It is really important that our customers admit our efforts to bring a number of high quality and cost-effective services.
    4. All our terms and conditions are being governed by English law and are only effected once you have received a booking reference from us, over phone, email or website.
    5. If any sections of these terms are considered impossible to be enforced, that does not necessarily consider the whole contract as unenforceable i.e., these terms are serviceable.
    6. deals4parking retains the right to change these terms and subsequent conditions whenever they consider it to be appropriate, but once you have made a reservation only those terms will be applicable that were on the website at the booking time.
    7. When you have any questions or require to contact us for any reason before proceeding with the booking, email us at and we will contact you ASAP. You are welcome to call us excluding the bank holidays.
  2. Bookings

    1. Before purchasing a service package, make sure to go through and understand all the information regarding parking service provider including their terms of services. If you have any questions or concerns about the service(s), you must clear them before proceeding with the booking process
    2. The booking made with deals4parking is considered to be confirmed only when you have received an email along with the booking reference number and other important details at the email address provided by you on the booking form. If you have not received the confirmation email within a few minutes, make sure to contact us immediately to get rid of any last minute troubles like no show/cancellation charges.
    3. The reservations made through a phone call or live chat will be confirmed by the operator upon providing a booking reference number.
    4. The reservations are subjected to availability and deals4parking holds the right to reject or fulfill any reservation however they see appropriate. A reservation should never be deemed as a guaranteed space and deals4parking may cancel any booking if the appointed parking service operator is not able to fulfill a reservation due to any reason. In such situation, a refund will be provided to the customers, but deals4parking takes no liability for any consequential losses or problems occurring thereafter.
    5. Make sure that you have provided the complete and correct contact information and have gone through the arrival instructions while availing the meet and greet service or directions given to park your vehicle in the directed compound.
    6. All reservations are considered to be non-transferable
    7. It is solely the customer’s responsibility that he has provided the correct contact details and have read the directions for car parking and gone through the full arrival instructions for meet and greet.
    8. Take a print out of your email containing your booking confirmation and bring it with you on the departure day, so that you can verify your booking with our service provider.
    9. While reserving our saver or mystery facilities, make sure that you have completely understood that as these services are being offered at a noticeably lower rate, hence the name of the parking service provider is not disclosed, until you confirm the booking. We try our best to provide you the maximum information to help you in making your decision whether you should go ahead with a mystery or saver deal from a specific parking service provider. If you feel that the service is not suitable after booking, deals4parking will not be held responsible for it.
    10. In some cases, deals4parking has to make various changes after the reservation is completed. In case of any changes made after your booking, we are responsible to notify you. If you do not agree to the changes, we will grant you a full refund.
    11. Use of DashCam or Trackers is not allowed to passengers from most of parking service providers, while their vehicles are parked in their parking lots. If any such device is fitted in your vehicle, you must check with your parking service provider before making reservations to get rid of the future complications. You might have to face a service refusal or manual switching off of such devices if you have not notified to the service provider in advance.
    12. Some service providers own multiple parking lots. The provider has all rights reserved to move your car to the different compound, based on operational and security reasons, especially during the peak travelling season.
  3. Prices and Payments

    1. All the prices quoted on our website are for advance booking and in GBP
    2. All bookings are subject to non-refundable reservation fee
    3. You can complete the payments for reservation on our website or via phone only by card payment. All major credit/debit cards are accepted by us through Stripe payment gateway.
    4. If your car payment has been declined, deals4parking and the specific parking operators hold the right to not provide you the services on that booking
    5. The service provider may charge additional extra fee in the name of extra services or labour costs like terminal parking charges, any delays or large/wider vehicle. Make sure to check the confirmation email ahead of departure time to find out any addition surcharges. Please note that these charges are being charged by the parking service providers/parking amenity independently and have no relevance or link to our advertised deal charges.
    6. If you need; a VAT receipt can be provided to you from your reserved parking service operator. deals4parking act as a booking agent, hence we can only show the Gross payment, but are not authorized to issue a VAT receipt. According to HMRC VAT Receipt Guideline, only the principal operator providing the required parking service is authorized to provide a VAT invoice/receipt.
  4. Cancellation or Amendments

    1. If you want any amendments or cancellations, you must made them in writing and send us an email at or calling us at the numbers posted on our website along with your booking reference number.
    2. You can cancel a reservation up to 24 hours ahead of the drop off date with an exception of non-flexible offers that are non-refundable. A £30 administrations fee will be incurred.
    3. If you have proceeded with the cancellation within 24 hours of the departure time or in case of no show, no refunds will be entertained.
    4. The bookings made within 24 hours of departure time are not eligible for any refunds.
    5. If the booking has been made on short notice or the same day, reserved for the next day or for a specific service with no such offer, then the cancellation cover will not be applied for such reservations.
    6. An additional £20 fee will be incurred for any changes made within 48 hours if your departure date, excluding any price difference. You need to send an email to us to request any amendments. These charges are non-refundable, if that specific reservation is cancelled. You need to interact directly with deals4parking to go ahead with any amendments ahead of your drop off date. The amendments made via this channel will only be considered as valid.
    7. If you want to make any changes in the pick up date after the drop off has been done, you need to inform the service provider directly. As needed, the additional charges will be payable to the service provider upon your return. The charges will be subject to the availability of the space over the extended period.
    8. If you have to cut your parking stay once the service has been commenced, you still have to pay the full parking fee for the days you have mentioned at the time of booking. No refund will be given if you are picking your vehicle before time.
    9. Reservations made for the savers or non-flexible parking facilities are non-refundable for any cancellations or amendments.
    10. Any requests regarding cancellation or amendments will be entertained within the office working hours (9AM to 5PM)
    11. After confirmation of a cancellation or amendment, it cannot be reversed.
    12. The refund will be provided to the card, from which the payment was made at the time of reservation.
    13. For the cancellation and amendment timescale, the parking service is considered to be commenced at midnight on the day, before the start of the booking service.
  5. Our Liability

    1. deals4parking provides you the quotation upon searching all airport parking service providers available in our system. When you make a reservation, you are considered to have gone through and accepted the relevant parking provider terms and conditions. Though deals4parking assist you to make a reservation, your contract is made with your chosen parking operator and not with deals4parking. You will be subjected to their terms and conditions that might contain certain exemption clauses and limit the liability for each company.
    2. deals4parking being the booking agent for the parking service operator can only be held liable to the customers for any losses arising as a result of its own negligence during the reservation process.
    3. Any claims that are related to the parking services including any losses or damages, must be made against the parking operator and subjected to its terms and conditions. The service provider can provide the copy of terms and conditions any time.
    4. All the vehicles are being parked at the risk of the owner and it is recommended to the customers to take out any valuables from your car before leaving it in the parking compound, as deals4parking does not offer any claims or warranty or indemnity as to the protection or safety and all products left in the car or around the parking area. The owners of the vehicles should understand that they should avail their own insurance policies to claim such loss or damage being incurred during the period the car was parked with the parking service provider.
    5. The claim can be demanded from deals4parking on the usage of this website and the reservation process up to the cost that you have paid to deals4parking for a certain reservation according to the contract. We are not answerable to any kind of loss or damage done to your vehicle or valuable things in the car. We encourage the customers to go for travel insurance to claim such damages or losses.
    6. deals4parking make an effort to provide its customers with the best available offers before making a reservation. All the information regarding a certain product is provided by the service provider. deals4parking cannot keep a track of every service provider’s way of doing business. If we are notified about any details that are not accurately mentioned in the information provided by the parking operator, we make sure that it is rectified as soon as possible.
  6. Complaints Process

    1. As a reservation agent for the parking provider, deals4parking is liable for the losses only that arises as a result of the company’s negligence while processing a reservation. deals4parking does not take any responsibility to pick up, store and deliver the passenger vehicle. If you have to make a claim regarding the delivery of car parking services it must be made against the parking.
    2. If you have any complaints, regarding to the quality of car parking service, then send, it is written to your parking operator at your earliest. Do not forget to send a copy of that complaint to deals4parking too, so that we are aware about a certain problem you have faced while availing airport parking through us. Make sure to put as much detail as possible in the complaints along with the necessary paperwork and photographs.
    3. In case of any complaints regarding the reservation process, send an email to deals4parking at
  7. Contact Information

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